Your potential customers will receive stacks of emails a day so making yours stand out can be tricky. We’ve been designing highly effective HTML emails for years so know what works best.

Email Marketing

We can create an email capture form on every page of your website, that allows customers and potential clients to sign up to receive your emails. Once subscribed, they are automatically added to your email list.

HTML emails enable you to receive reports on all your campaigns. Who clicked, when, what pages they visited. If you send large numbers of emails from your regular email client, you also risk getting your company email address labelled as SPAM.

Email addresses that are OK to use are: People who have signed up receive your emails via an online form; Potential customers who have handed you a business card; Have purchased something from you within 2 years; Have filled in a printed form indicating their interest.

Before sending any campaign, we run a rigorous approval procedure on your email lists. All that means is we need to be sure that your emails are genuine, and not bought. This is a one-off process and additional added emails are not subjected to this again.

Using powerful email delivery servers, your message can be sent in a matter of minutes, no matter how large your list. You can schedule your delivery, meaning you can send at night, on weekends, or even when you are on holiday.

We create a brief, taking your ideas and goals we’ll work together to develop a plan that will guide the project.

All projects are different, all requirements differ so we take time to understand and research all of the details.

Now that we’ve discussed the brief, and done our research, we’ll get down to the design work (yay!). You will be kept informed of our progress as we get closer to proof stage.

When we’re at this stage, we’re pretty much there, this is the opportunity to make changes and provide any extra content we might not have had during the design phase.

Taking any feedback on board and working with you to implement any changes we’ll finalise the project and deliver it to you as previously agreed at the briefing stage.

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