A brand is perception, an essence or promise of what will be delivered or experienced by your customers or users. Many refer to it as a logo, but a ‘brandmark’ is just one part, a considered brand is so much more.

Brand & Branding

‘Brand’ and ‘branding’, are often over-used and misunderstood terms. But they shouldn’t be shrouded in smoke and mirror mysticism, only being understood by glass table advertising agencies and rambling ad men wearing square-rimmed specs!

Brand is an incredibly important part of an organisations reputation and marketing management. Get it right and you earn customer trust, loyalty and memorability. Get it wrong and you can spend an awful amount of time and money putting those worms back in the can.

Brand is not a logo, slogan, advertising or marketing campaign. A brand in itself is more strategic than that, it’s perhaps simpler to understand if you think about it a more holistic way.

This is the power of branding; it creates an emotional response. Brand is the differentiator that helps an audience carry those packets of thoughts in their heads and hearts.

As a branding agency it’s our job to identify and define what those beautiful thoughts should be and amplify them with wondrous creativity. We create a unique look and feel, what we call ‘the visual brand’, to enable your customer, clients or users to easily identify the offerings of your organisation.

We create a brief, taking your ideas and goals we’ll work together to develop a plan that will guide the project.

All projects are different, all requirements differ so we take time to understand and research all of the details.

Now that we’ve discussed the brief, and done our research, we’ll get down to the design work (yay!). You will be kept informed of our progress as we get closer to proof stage.

When we’re at this stage, we’re pretty much there, this is the opportunity to make changes and provide any extra content we might not have had during the design phase.

Taking any feedback on board and working with you to implement any changes we’ll finalise the project and deliver it to you as previously agreed at the briefing stage.

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